Why InstaQP ?

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Comprehensive testing tool

InstaQP fully supports subjects involving complex math operations and data types like Machine Learning, Process Control, Linear Algebra etc.

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Time and effort

Generate and administer tests for large classes seamlessly using ready to use questions of different difficulty levels.

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Customize your tests

Add or remove questions, define the number of sets and customize question settings before checkout.

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Easy to use

Setup, organize and export quiz by selecting questions from digital question repositories.

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No more malpractice

Create challenging assessments with unique questions for each student while retaining the same difficulty level for all.

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Export to various formats

Export quizzes to PDF and Learning Management System compatible formats.

How InstaQP works ?

  • Pick a subject

    Linear algebra

  • Choose the topic

    Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

  • Select the Questions

    Choose questions of different types (MCQ,Fill In, Descriptive etc)

  • Customize & Review

    Preview the question paper and save if everything looks great

  • Organize quiz

    Define number of unique question paper sets

  • Download Test

    Export tests to PDF/GIFT format

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible
InstaQP has been developed by AI experts from IIT Madras along with developers from GITAA Pvt Ltd (An IITM incubated company).
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