Workshop Feedback

The workshop has been organised pretty well and was jam packed with interesting sessions and case studies.,only thing I would like to add is that they can have more different case studies so that the students are given a more clear and better perspective towards data analysis.

It was a good course.

It was a good course. The lecturers explained the concepts well. Great efforts by the team, who provided the hands-on session. They clarified all the coding doubts quickly.

About the workshop

Hi Tutors, @ about workshop At first, tutors make us learn the basics of python[About Python, List, Tuple, and Dictionary] and they gave some hands-on practice in python. Then we moved to a few libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn which will be used for data manipulation and data cleaning(Data Science). For hands_on practice they

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Had a great learning experience.

Had a great learning experience. The problem during FDP is, a single person will handle the full session usually so, we can’t able to rectify our error but from your organisation many assistant’s came and helped us with that part.My suggestion would be concentrate on the order of headings that you are going to taught

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Amazing experience for learning at Gitaa Pvt. Ltd.

I had a wonderful experience of learning at Gitaa Pvt. Ltd. The course was a well-defined structure. The explanation to probability and statistics make me understand the topic much better than before. We had theory session followed by a practical session that has given a clear understanding about how to approach the real-time problems in

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Boot Camp

This workshop gave me a different experience and this was the one of the best workshop that I have attended till today.I thank all the three guides for their care taken for each and every individual.I will be in touch with your institution in the upcoming days too. Thank you!

Online Course -Data Analytics

One of the best training courses taken so far. Very accommodative staff of GITAA made the journey comfortable. Lectures of Prof Raghu Rengaswamy were the highlights of course, inaddition to the concepts covered for R and other aspects. Discussions with participants on the topics covered after submission/ grading of every assignment could add more punch

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Predictive Analytics – Python

Overall, very professional teaching, a well-structured curriculum that well suited for 3 days. Tutors are very helpful in solving doubts and willing to explain the concepts again and again until everyone got it clear. Training sessions are very fruitful to get exposed, adopt and execute python codes for analytics … Good job Team! , thank

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Great learning experience

All the courses I attended in GITAA were very interesting and rewarding. They helped me to understand the basics of the subject Data Science. It has been a truly invaluable experience for me.