An applied course in data science using R

Duration: 64 hours

Who can take this course? People who are interested in making a career in data science*

Pre-requisite: Bachelors/Masters in Engineering/Mathematics/Statistics/ Economics/Management*

Course description:
GITAA’s Applied Course in Data Sciences for Students has been designed based on requirements for careers in the corporate world. A deeper study of how to pose meaningful data science problems will be covered. Important and commonly used data analytic and machine learning algorithms will be taught in detail.

R, an open source tool for data analytics will be taught in depth and in addition detailed laboratory sessions will be conducted as part of each module with the end result being that the participants will be able to apply these algorithms on any data. A capstone case study will be given by the end of the course.A capstone case study will be given by the end of the course.


  • Participants will develop structured thinking approach to transition from data to problem definition.
  • This will enable a motivation to either study further in Data Science or pursue a career in Data Science.

* subject to clearing the written test