An applied course in data science using R

Who can take this course? Experienced individuals who aim for a transition into the data science industry

Duration: 64 hours

Pre-requisite: Understanding of high-school mathematics, communication skills, team work and presentation skills

Course description:
The course will provide an in-depth study of how to articulate meaningful data science problems. Important and commonly used data analytic and machine learning algorithms will be described in detail.

Laboratory sessions using R will be conducted as part of each module with the end result being that the participants will be able to apply these algorithms on any data. Participants can choose two capstone projects from various domains offered which will be evaluated by an expert committee.


  • Participants will have a detailed understanding of R and solve real-life data science scenarios
  • Participants will develop structured thinking approach to transition from data to problem definition and will be able to make a transition into the data science arena