An advanced course in data science using R

Duration: 90 hours

Who can take this course? Experienced individuals who are interested in an in-depth theoretical study about the various machine learning methods in the data science field.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics

Course description:
GIITA’s Advanced course for Professionals will provide a detailed study of how to articulate meaningful data science problems using extensive machine learning algorithms in real life commercial situations. R, an open source tool for data analytics will be taught in depth.

Important and commonly used data analytic and machine learning algorithms will be described in detail. Laboratory sessions will be conducted as part of each module with the end result being that the participants will be able to apply these algorithms on any data.

A challenging capstone case study tailored to the participants’ field of interest will be solved at the end of the course.


  • An in-depth data science skill set would enable you to progress in your career and enable you to seek coveted jobs as a Data Scientist
  • Mastery of the most popular Data Science tool – R and extensive knowledge of the modality of adopting various techniques of machine learning algorithms